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The basic entrance fee for the WordMasters Challenge is $105 per grade level (click here for information on group discounts). This fee entitles you to a series of three analogy meets (preceded by three vocabulary lists) and to a set of awards (1 champion medal and 10 certificates) that you may present to your team’s high-scoring students at the end of the year. (Additional awards and merchandise may be purchased by visiting the WordMasters WebStore.) 

The WordMasters Challenge is offered in two divisions at each grade level. The Blue Division is suitable for students of average to above-average reading and reasoning abilities. The Gold Division is suitable for students who have clearly superior language abilities (such as those in Gifted and Talented programs).

PARENTS: You may enroll your child in the WordMasters Challenge only if he/she is homeschooled or attends a school that does NOT currently participate in the WordMasters Challenge. Please complete and submit the Non-School Enrollment Form to obtain access to materials through your dashboard.

If you are enrolling more than one team, add your first team to the Shopping Cart and click “Continue Shopping” to return to this page.

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